How can I pay for my money transfer?

Trans-Fast accepts both debit and credit cards issued from UK (if paying in GBP) and an european country (if paying in EUROS)

Trans-Fast accepts following card brands.

To make a payment in GBP, you need to use a UK card.

To make a payment in EUROS, you need to use a card issued in an European country.

When paying for your money transfer, please use a card with your name on it. Due to security reasons, we can't process a money transfer if you use someone else's card, even if it's a family member. If the only card you have available has the name of a family member, please make an account with us on his/her name.

Credit card payments
Depending on the card and issuing bank, payments via credit card may have additional fees applied by your bank or card issuer. Unfortunately it's impossible for us to know this in advance. When in doubt, please contact your bank or card issuer for more information.

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