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Trans-Fast Remittance (London) Ltd.

Filipe Dinis Feb 2 Announcements

Due to the yearly carnival in Brazil starting on Saturday the 6th of February 2016 transfers to Brazil will suffer delays.
For guaranteed payment in Brazil before carnival your payment has to be with us and confirmation of your transfer made latest on the 3rd of February 2016 before 6PM.
Payments processed starting from 6PM on Wednesday the 3rd of February 2016 and during the whole carnival are only guaranteed to be paid starting from the 15th of February 2016.
Please contact us for enquiries regarding express payments.




Este ano o Carnaval no Brasil começa no dia 6 de Fevereiro 2016 e, por consequência, os envios para o Brasil irão sofrer atrasos.

De forma a garantir o pagamento no Brasil antes do Carnaval, o seu envio deve ser pago e confirmado até às 6PM do dia 3 de Fevereiro 2016 (hora do Reino Unido)

Pagamentos processados após as 6PM de quarta-feira dia 3 de Fevereiro 2016 e durante o periodo de Carnaval, após começarão a ser pagos no Brasil após  o dia 15 de Fevereiro 2016.

Por favor contate-nos para obter informações sobre o envio em modo "Expresso".



Filipe Dinis December 21, 2015 Announcements

Yes, we can't believe it too, but Christmas is just around the corner. How time flew, right? Please take note of our opening hours during the holidays. Notice that our office will be closed for a few days as our staff takes a well deserved break.



Filipe Dinis December 14, 2015 Announcements

NOTICE: Payments to our bank account have been temporarily suspended. Please make your money transfers by paying with your debit card.

Filipe Dinis May 4, 2012 FAQ and Tips

We offer two speed options for your money transfer to Brazil. Each has it's own advantages, depending on your needs:
- Choose EXPRESS if you want your transfer to reach it's destination as quickly as possible and comply with all requirements for your  tax return in Brazil. This option is useful to send money urgently to Brazil.
- Choose REGULAR if you want to get the best exchange rate and are sending small amounts to your family and friends.
How long it takes?
EXPRESS transfer - If your payment is found in our account before 4:30PM (London Time) and you choose the Express transfer, it will reach the beneficiary account in Brazil on the same day. If your funds are credited in our account  after 4:30PM it will be available the next day in Brazil.
REGULAR transfer - This transfer is completed between 1 and 2 days after your payment is found in one of our accounts.

Filipe Dinis February 8, 2012 2 FAQ and Tips

To check the status of your money transfer, you need to contact our Customer Service by clicking on the SUBMIT A REQUEST link on the top menu.

In order for us to quickly check the status of your money transfer you need us to supply us with the transfer reference number (which is available in your receipt). If haven't got your receipt with you, please let us know more details about the transfer, such as: your full name, full recipient name, destination country and transfer amount.

You'll receive a reply from our Customer Service as quickly as possible.