Understanding the transfer options on money transfers to Brazil - REGULAR and EXPRESS

We offer two speed options for your money transfer to Brazil. Each has it's own advantages, depending on your needs:
- Choose URGENT if you want your transfer to reach it's destination as quickly. To use this option, you need to process your money transfer over the phone or in our branch.
- Choose REGULAR if you want to get the best exchange rate. This is the option that applies to all online money transfers and by phone.
How long it takes?
URGENT transfer - If your payment is found in our account before 4:30PM (London Time) and you choose the Express transfer, it will reach the beneficiary account in Brazil on the same day. If your funds are credited in our account  after 4:30PM it will be available the next day in Brazil.
REGULAR transfer - This transfer is completed between 1 and 2 days after we process your money transfer.


Important: To prevent delays in your payment, please make sure the recipient's bank details are correct.

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