My card payment failed. Why?

You card payment can fail due to many reasons:

  • Wrong billing details
  • The card is not supported (see more)
  • The card has not been activated.
  • The card was declined because of insufficient funds.
  • The card cannot be used for online or phone purchases.
  • The card company or bank is intentionally preventing the card from being used.

Based on our experience, the most common reason for a failed payment is simply a decline from your bank or card issuer. Our best advise in this situation is for you to contact your bank to let them know you had this issue. A simple phone call is usually all it takes to solve this. This is specially relevant if this is your first payment to us, as some banks needs to recognise your 1st payment to us. Then, all future payments will be done without issues.

Some banks may text you about the transaction you just made and ask your authorization. If that happens, you give your authorization, wait 10 minutes and then process your payment again. We can't repeat failed payments on our end, so that's why you need to process your payment again.

If you have a declined payment and if you are certain of the billing details, you can always go back and repeat the payment. If you get a second failed payment, no need to keep trying. In this case, please email us at so we can investigate the error in detail and suggest the best solution. Alternatively, you can also call us so we can assist.

Please note that only after you see the "Success" page, it means that we got your payment.



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    Foi feito uma transferência para mim Carla da Silva Zeni, Bradesco, agência 0064, conta 333311-6 no dia 21 de agosto e o dinheiro não veio para minha conta, por qual motivo?

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