Account verification

In order to use our services, we process an ID and Address verification for all our customers.

Usually, when you register online, you enter your details and they are automatically verified. In case the automated verification fails you need to send us a copy of the following information:

  • ID

We accept copy of passport, both sides of your UK driving licence (provisional licenses not accepted)  or european ID card

  • Proof of address

We accept bank statement, bank letter, utility bill (except mobile bills), HM Revenue letter, payslip

You can send a scanned copy of these documents via email to:

You can also snap a photo using your mobile. We recomment you use Scanbot app for better quality.

Please note that all documents need to be in full page and fully readable. We may reject a document if the page is incomplete or some information is unreadable.

After we receive your documents and verify them, we'll grant the proper permissions to your account and notify you by email once your account is active and ready.

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